Tuesday, August 26, 2008, 11:23 PM – Software

One of my all time favorite utilities is Grab. It comes with OS X and it is free. It lets you quickly take pictures of all or part of your computer screen.

The really nice feature is Timed Screen. You can actually select a portion of your application that you want to point to, set the timer, and move your cursor to point to that specific item before the picture snaps.

I use Grab so often that I keep the icon for it on my Dock.

To use it, Open Grab (located in the Utilities folder which you should find in your Applications folder).

Choose a command from the Capture menu. (selection, Window, Screen, or Timed Screen).

Follow the directions for the task you have selected and save your finished product. This is a great tool for training and/or for asking questions.

One note, if you use Timed Screen you will get an image of your entire desk top. You may want to do a second Grab action and narrow your image to just the area you are interested in, as I did in the example above.


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