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Wednesday, January 7, 2009, 02:56 PM

2009 Macworld Impressions – First Day

There are not as many people here. The economy is a factor of course. Some people may have stayed home because Steve Jobs announced he would not be here. However, the people who are here are having a great time. From my perspective the show has been well run as always.

Lots of tales of long, delayed flights (including my own). Ten hours from Texas to San Francisco.

The vendors have been generous with the press, but are not giving away as many freebies in their booths as in the past. This has been happening in other trade shows across the country as I have been told.

The new products I saw yesterday were awesome. Griffin Technology was showing some things that have not been released yet that were very impressive. They were all little things that just make your Mac life easier. You should watch their web site over the next three months for new product releases. Two or three of them will come my way for review in my column on The Mac Observer and I will mention them here as well.

Companies continue to compete for the iPhone, iPod, and Ipod Touch case market. Lots of booths promoting their products for these items.

There are also lots of booths promoting cases for computers. I am particularly impressed with what I saw fromClark and Mayfield who make luxury cases for women and from Brenthaven who make more general cases and backpacks.

Today I give a presentation to user group members and after that I will have more time to hit more of the 500 booths that are here.


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