Finding Things On Your Desktop

Wednesday, October 28, 2009, 09:53 PM – Tips and Hints

I am busily trying to update my beginners manual so that it will be compatible with Snow Leopard. The more I hunt for new tips to put in the new version of the manual, the more I find. It should be updated and off to the printer in the next week. I sell it through the column I write for The Mac Observer if anyone is interested.

This Snow Leopard tip is for all of us who keep lots of stuff on our desktops. We know who we are. We have lots of tasks going on at once, or we don’t really know how to use folders, or we are afraid that if we don’t keep things on the desktop we will never be able to find them again. There are as many reasons as there are people.

And all of those people in the other camp who want a pristine desktop can keep on shaking their heads when when they walk past because we all have our own way of getting things done.

Here is a quick tip you can use if you want to quickly run through the items on your desktop (if you have Snow Leopard). Click on one item. Then hit the space bar. If you click on a folder, you will get this.

Now use your arrow keys and you can jump from document to document, folder to jpg to pages document. It doesn’t matter. If you land on a folder you get the kind of information illustrated in my sample. If you land on a document you get a view of what the document contains. Clicking on the arrows at the bottom of the window allow you to make the item fill the screen. When looking at an image you may see a small camera icon appear next to the bottom arrows. These allow you to add the image to iPhoto automatically. To end the process, click on the small “x” in the upper left hand corner.

That’s all there is to it. Not a biggie, but for some users, it can be a big time saver.


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