Enlarging Your Screen View

Thursday, March 4, 2010, 05:02 PM – Tips and Hints

There are times when you would like to make portions of your desktop larger. It is easy to do. You just have to do a little preliminary step to put it in place.

Select the Apple Menu > System Preferences > Mouse.

Mouse Preference Window

Put a check mark in the box next to “Zoom using scroll wheel while holding”

Choose what key you want to use to make that happen. There are 3 options – the Control key, the Option key, or the Command key. (The Control key is the easiest to use because it is on the outside.)

Then click the Options button and you get this window.

Options Pane

You should put a check in the box next to the Smooth images option, but at the top of this window are three options concerning what happens when you move your mouse when you have the screen image enlarged. Pick which ever one you want, but just be aware that those options are there. I know folks who have been completely frustrated because they did not address this box and were not getting the action they wanted.

Now you are all set. If you choose the Control key to activate Zoom then you just hold down the Control key and roll the scroll bar up or down to enlarge or reduce (back to normal) the size of your desktop.

It affects everything on your screen, the dock, the menu bar, folders — everything.


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