Empty Trash Warning

Sunday, June 1, 2008, 10:46 PM – Tips and Hints

Someone asked me today if there was a way to turn off the empty trash warning message. You know, the one that asks if you really want to empty the trash. If you find yourself talking back to your computer to the effect that “of course you wanted to empty it, that’s why you clicked on the blankty blank trash can”, then you might want to turn off the warning and I’ll tell you how to do it.

Just remember that once the trash is emptied, it is gone. Nuff said.

While in the Finder window, choose Preferences > Advanced. Unclick the box next to “Show Warning Before Emptying The Trash”.

You can accomplish the same thing on a time-by-time basis by holding down the Option key while you click on the trash can

Speaking of the trash — empty it frequently. Even when something is in the trash it is still taking up space on your computer. Also, don’t do what some switchers (people switching from PCs to Macs) have done and use the trash can for storage. Very bad idea. Sooner or later some helpful person, seeing how much trash you have accumulated will automatically empty it for you.


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