Easy Way To Scan

Thursday, November 6, 2008, 11:56 AM – Tips and Hints

When you get a scanner, or a printer-copier-scanner, or some other combination of scanner whatever, you will probably get directions on how to transfer a scanner document from your scanner to your Mac.

The directions are going to vary depending on what brand you have purchased. They may well be complicated. They may well not work. I once wrote a column about having to download the print drivers for an HP printer-scanner-copier 52 times over a period of several months because it never would work properly with my Mac.

Try this when you have to scan. In most situations it will work for you. It will even work for your iPhone if you have it plugged in.

Of course, your scanner has to be turned on, connected to your computer, and your document has to be in the scanner tray.

Open Preview. Preview comes with your OS X and you can find it in your Applications folder.

Select File > Import Image. Preview will reach out to your scanner and cause the scanner to scan the document and make it appear on your desktop as illustrated in this image.

At this point the scan is not complete. You get to determine the quality of the finished product. Set the resolution. The options range from 75 dpi to 1200 dpi. If the finished product is going on the Internet 75 dpi is fine. If you are printing a high quality photograph you will want 1200.

You tell Preview where you want the finished scan to be sent. You name it. You tell it what format you want, and then when you have all that set you place your cursor at the top left point of your image and draw across the part you want included in the finished scan to the bottom right point.

Then click the scan button. Your scan will be saved where you want it in the format you want it, the size you want it. Every time.

I haven’t had a single scanner headache in months. Preview does lots of other cool things as well, but this is my favorite.



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