Easy Way To Learn iWork ’08

Sunday, August 10, 2008, 10:08 AM – Misc

I had to teach a class this past week end in Numbers, the Apple spreadsheet application. I went looking for a book on the subject because although I use Numbers every day, I don’t use it with any depth, and I wanted to make sure I covered all the basics.

I only found one book, but I am really impressed with what I found from the perspective of beginners. The book is part of the Apple Training Series. It is called..wait for it…. iWork ’08. There is a subtitle of Keynote, Pages, and Numbers. The authors are Richard Harrington and RHED Pixel.

THe book comes with a CD that contains supporting tutorial exercises and I promise you that if you follow the directions as they are written and use the tutorial material you will have the basics of using these great applications.

I have only had time to get into Numbers and I found one very tiny mistake in the whole section that I was able to figure out quickly. (The book said click on a certain cell when it should have been the cell next to it).

The book sells for $39.99 and if you really want to use any or all of these three apps it is worth the price. Don;t forget to check Amazon.com to see if it is available any cheaper there.



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