Create a Quick Template Using Pages

Wednesday, July 29, 2009, 03:30 PM – Tips and Hints

Pages is the word processing application that is Mac specific. It comes as part of iWork (along with Numbers and Keynote). I love using it instead of Microsoft Word for a lot of reasons. It is easy to use, works beautifully with image placement, and all the built-in tips and short cuts work well with it.

One neat thing you can do is very quickly make your own template for projects. Here is one I use for an invoice and the way I set it up so that it is consistent on every page.

Just as an example, here is some text that might be on the first page of my invoice document.

In this state, it does not represent me or my company as a professional entity.

To change that I need the equivalent of stationary. I first designed a logo that I could copy and paste into pages. It doesn’t matter what application you use to design the logo.

Open pages and click on View in the toolbar and choose Show Layout. You will see the Header and Footer areas on the page. (You can also find them by just clicking in the area you know they occupy and the field will appear.)

The Header and Footer areas will adjust size to fit whatever you insert. I wanted to first have a page number that was set to the right so I clicked on Insert from the toolbar and chose Auto Page Number and chose place on the right.

Then I hit return and clicked on center and did a copy and paste with my logo.

For the Footer I entered address, phone, fax, etc.

Now my template is complete and I can create as many pages for an invoice as I need. I keep it in a file and enter data directly on the form and then print it, but I could choose to print up blanks of the form and run the data on those blanks. It seems to me that wastes ink.

That’s all there is to it.



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