Change Folder Icons

Wednesday, June 18, 2008, 08:12 PM – Tips and Hints

Organizing your files can be the most frustrating aspect of new computer use for some users. Others, those who are organized by nature, don’t understand what the big deal is. We all have our own skill sets.

For those who need to keep all their stuff on their desktop where they can find it, color coordinating their folders, or otherwise marking them can help. I am a fairly organized person, but I also usually have half a dozen projects going at once, and I like to have color coordinated folders to help me find things.

It is easy and fun to be able to change the dull blue folders into anything you jolly well please. You can retain the normal folder-looking designs, or use any other icon structure you want. Once you learn how to do this, you can even change the standard icons for all your Apply apps such as Safari, Mail, etc. using an application called Candybar.

This tip works in all the OS X versions. Have your icon(s) ready. You can find all you need as free downloads, (search for Mac OS X icons on the Internet) or you can use your own photo images. You don’t have to adjust the size. Click on your icon or image of choice and copy it.

Repeat the process as desired for other folders. To go back to the default design go back into the Get Info panel and click on the same little image and hit delete. The default design will return.


Click once on the icon you want to change.

Then hit Command + i (or right click) to get the “Get Info” window. When the Get Info window opens, find the folder icon image in the top left corner. In this example it is next to the words “Desktop”.

Click on it once, hit paste, and the new image should appear.

Close the Get Info window.

This particular icon is part of a set created by Christopher Ferris and can be found at


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