Buying My iPad

Thursday, April 8, 2010, 08:23 PM – Product Reviews

If you have never had the experience of waiting in line to buy a new Apple product you have missed out on a unique life experience. You can read my account of waiting in line for the iPad here if you are interested. In addition to getting my iPad, which I will get to in a minute I met someone who has agreed to work with our user group to put on a free training session to teach interested people how to develop apps for the iPhone and iPad. At the other Apple store here in Austin, other members of our group met some people who want to start a special interest group about servers and we agreed to sponsor them. I love “Mac people”.

The iPad is awesome. Everything is so clear and bright on the screen. Hopefully you have seen the commercials and realize that you can turn it to get landscape or portrait views. It is very fast. The applications that have been created just for the iPad are more sophisticated than those that I am familiar with for my iPhone. Most things operate with the touch of your finger, even playing games. There is no mouse.

You can only have one application open at a time, so to read your mail, you must close whatever you are working on. But, when you go back to the first thing, it opens back up to where you were. For instance, if you are playing a game, it will take back up where you left off.

If you have both an iPhone and an iPad, it is easy to distinguish between which apps are for which unit so you don’t have to worry about loading iPhone apps that you don’t want on the iPad and vice versa. Many apps are being updated so that they work on both formats. You only have to pay for them once.

Many iPad apps cost more than you are accustomed to seeing for iPhones. I think developers understand now that they have been undercharging for their products and are starting out with more appropriate prices this time around. You can download Pages, Keynote, and Numbers, but each application is $9.99.

If you get an iPad you really need to get a case of some kind for it. Because of the size, it does not fit in your pocket nor will it fit in most purses. It is easy to drop it or knock it off a table and it will break. Breaks are not covered under warranty, only manufacturer problems, so it is better to prepare up front. The screen is very tough, but I would not want to carry mine in a purse even if it would fit because eventually it would get scratched.

You can passcode lock the iPad in the same manner you can passcode lock your iPhone.

My iPad is calling my name. It’s saying “Nancy, Nancy, come play another game, come prop your feet up and write a column, come read a book……” OK.


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