Archive Your Email

Thursday, June 25, 2009, 04:37 PM – Tips and Hints

If you worry about loosing, or just keeping track of, your email messages, there is something you can do to back them up. You can do this even if you have an IT department or are connected to a server system. It won’t interfere with anything else that you have in place.

This also works if you want to save a large number of older email messages “somewhere” without having them take up room on your hard drive.

This is for those of us who use the Mail app for our email.

Open Mail. In the far left column you will see a list of your mail boxes. You may only have one that is titled Inbox. If you have several email addresses that are automatically routed to Mail, then you may see some sub mailbox accounts if you click on the small arrow next to the Inbox.

You can archive all of your email messages at once, or do individual email address mailboxes, one at a time.

Click once on the box you want to archive. Select the Mailbox Menu and then select “Archive Mailbox”. Mail will create an archive file of that mailbox that you can put on a USB thumb drive or store on a CD, DVD, or server.

If you delete the originals and later decide you want to restore them, you can do so by inserting the thumb drive, CD, etc. and choose “Import Mailboxes” from the File Menu.


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