A Widget Tip

Tuesday, June 10, 2008, 12:01 AM – Tips and Hints

WIdgets showed up in OS X and they can be quite helpful. Some people use them constantly while some people never get into them at all. Some people, like me, use them occasionally. Where ever you fall, there is a Widget fact that will help you use them more effectively.

Like most things on my Mac I learned this the hard way. That means I had to ask one of my kids.

One of the Widgets is for the weather and it is one I find quite useful. However, the first time I opened it the weather report said the temperature was something like 12 degrees and it was snowing. i live in Austin, Texas. I really doesn’t get down to 12 degrees here, even in January and unfortunately, we don’t any snow that lasts more than an hour.

I fiddled around. (My usual attempt to fix things.) Then I called the expert who said “did you check the little i?” Turns out I was looking at the weather report for Austin, MN.

Many of the Widgets include the ability to customize and the little i in the bottom right corner is your clue.

As you can see from these two examples I need to change Austin, MN to Austin, TX, and click done to see an accurate report for Austin. (It is 90 here).

If you are going to fiddle, at least make it productive. LOL



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