A Way To Find An Email Quickly

Monday, June 22, 2009, 11:33 PM – Tips and Hints

How many emails do you have in your Mail account? 500? 1,500? 5,000? It can be very frustrating to try and find a specific email when you have a lot of saved messages. Some people save all the relevant messages that they get so finding a specific message can take time. The old needle in the haystack scenario.

The upper left corner of your Mail window has a search field, but you can only put in one search criteria.

Here is one way you can search quickly. Create a Smart Mailbox and enter the criteria you are looking for and Mail will search for you.

A Smart Mailbox automatically puts a copy of any message that meets your set criteria into a Mailbox (folder). I have one for the software Bento. If I send or receive any message that has Bento in the content or in the subject line, a copy automatically goes into the Bento folder.

To create a Smart Folder just open Mail and select Mail Box > New Smart Folder. A window opens that lets you set your criteria.

You can set several levels of criteria if you wish. In this example I have set two.

As soon as you set your criteria and click on the OK button, the Smart Mailbox will show up in the left column and all relevant email messages will be enclosed.

You might note in this example that I have 3 messages in the Bento Smart Mailbox that I have not read. This makes sure something does not slip by me.

The whole point of all of this is that if you need to find something fast you can create a Smart Mailbox specific to whatever you need and Mail will search all your messages for you and put them in the mailbox. They you can search quickly through those few messages to find the one you really need. If needed, you can even adjust your search criteria by editing your Smart Mailbox. Click on the mailbox and select Mailbox > Edit Smart Mailbox.

If it solves your problem and you don’t need it any more, just click on the mailbox and select Mailbox > Delete Mailbox.


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