A Couple Of Mail Tips

Monday, September 21, 2009, 01:44 PM

Here are a couple of time saving tips when you are using Mail. Personally, I find myself doing things the same old way every time I open Mail. I check and use my email account so many times a day that I can do it in my sleep and for that reason I forget to see if there are better or faster ways of doing things. This is the world of Mac after all. Everything is always getting improved.

These two tips which came from friends, have helped me and you might find them useful as well.

This first one has to do with adding pictures to our email messages.

We tend to open iPhoto and drag photos to Mail when we want to email a picture to someone because that is the way we had to do it when we first got iPhoto and Mail. But there is a faster way to do it now.

With a new Mail message open, click on Window > Photo Browser. That will bring up a floating window that shows all your pictures stored in iPhoto. Find the one(s) you want and drag them into your message. To size them appropriately for mailing (small, medium, large, actual size) click on the “image size” button in the bottom right corner of the message window and select the size. The “image size” button will only appear when you are utilizing this option. Remember that if images attached to email messages are too large, some email hosting sites will reject them, so it is often prudent to select small.

This second one has to do with sending a message to someone you forgot to include the first time. In the past you would have to go into the “Sent Messages”, open the message, copy the content, paste it into a new message, enter the email of the person or persons you forgot and send the new message.

Now you can go into the “Sent Messages” file, select and open the message, and then choose Message > Send Again and replace the existing list of recipients with the new one(s). Then hit send. I really like this one!


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