Why Won’t Those Darn Flags in Mail Go Away

This is a simple solution to a frustrating problem. In the Apple Mail app I have a folder that says Flagged. It’s not something you can throw away. It just appears if you have flagged messages and lists them for you.

That’s how is supposed to work. But for several weeks that folder was there and it said I had six messages. (By the way, this has nothing to do with the new operating system. The problem existed before I undated to Yosemite.) Every time it caught my eye I thought I had new mail. The folder was empty. I searched for flagged messages so I could unflag them and found nothing. It was really getting to me.

I consulted a friend for an answer and this is what worked. I opened every folder in mail one at a time. Be sure to do every one. I used Command A to select them all. Again, be sure to do it this way. Then I flagged every one and immediately unflagged every one. By the time I finished the Flagged folder had disappeared from the folder list in Mail.

This trick will also work if you have messages marked as  unread when you have read them already. To work with this problem do the select all and then select Message > Mark.

Now I can move onto really important stuff, like lunch.

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Built In Apps Missing From Your Phone? Here is the Solution

If you have an iPhone 6 or 6 plus it will have iOS 8 installed. You may find that suddenly some of your permanent apps, like camera, or safari are missing.  Try this:

Choose Systems > General >  Restrictions. Make sure your restrictions are turned off. If they are not, that is probably your problem.  As soon as your turn off the restrictions, you should see your “missing” app(s) reappear.


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Change Your Title Bar and Dock To Dark color in Yosemite

Here is a quick fun thing you can do in Yosemite to make your desktop easier to read. You can change the background color of you title bar and dock to a dark color. The effect will vary depending on your desktop color. Mine happens to be a medium gray.

black dockDark Dock Background

To do this select Apple Menu > System Preferences > General.  There is a new little box under Appearance. Check the box next to “Use dark menu bar and Dock” You can always uncheck it if you want to go back to the original option.


That’s it.

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Better Check Your Restrictions in iOS 8

The Restrictions you can impose on your devices running iOS 8 have changed and it is prudent for you to check them out. It is one of those pay me now or pay me later things.

As an example: If you don’t have an unlimited data plan, it may be important to you that apps can’t access cellular data.

Choose System > Cellular.

Scroll down and you will find a whole list of apps that probably have cellular access turned on. Just turn them all off for cellular access, or make your selections by app.

Location is another thing to check out.

Choose System > Privacy > Locations Services

There is a whole list of apps that will allow full access to your location. You should check them out and make decisions that meet your needs.

While you are in Privacy mode, scroll down to Advertising. You can limit websites from tracking you to see what websites you visit or what you buy by just turning on Limit Ad Tracking.

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In iOS 8 Deleting Photos Doesn’t Really Mean Deleting Photos

So you open the photo app and check out your latest additions. You want to delete several because you don’t need them or they aren’t worth keeping. It’s not so easy any more. Don’t ask me to explain this one because I can’t figure out why it has been added to iOS 8. Most people are going to find it nothing more than a bothersome extra step.

Tap a photo and you get two options – copy and hide.


You must choose hide whereupon your photo disappears from the list. It goes to a new album that is located at the very bottom of all the albums. The album is named Recently Deleted. That name is a misnomer if ever I heard one. It should be called “Photos I want to delete but iOS 8 won’t let me” Probably wouldn’t fit in the allotted space. All your deleted photos will remain in that folder for 30 days (taking up space), after which point they will be automatically deleted.


To complete the delete process you must open that folder and delete each image one by one.

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Use Siri To Keep Organized

You don’t have to even open the Reminders app to add things to it. Siri will do it for you.

A little setup helps. You can create categories ahead of time so that your reminders can go where they will be the most useful.

Open Reminders App.

At the top you will see the option for adding a new category. Click on the + sign.


Now name your list where it says “New List” and pick a color choice by clicking on the color circle.


Create as many as you want. The generic Reminders is included as part of the app.

Now to use it.

Open Siri.

  • Me:  Add get bleach to my Grocery list.
  • Sire: You want me to add bleach to your grocery list”
  • Me:  Confirm
  • Siri: Alright, I will add get bleach to your grocery list.

If I say

  • Me:  remind me to call Linda Craig on Thursday
  • Siri:  Here is your reminder, shall I create it? (Because I didn’t specify a time it will be entered at 9 am.)
  • Me:  Confirm
  • There are two numbers for Linda Craig. Which one do you want.
  • Me: I touch the one I want.
  • Siri:  OK, I will remind you.  (Siri adds it to my calendar and sends me a message via my iPhone at the time specified. The message is preceded by a tone)

If I say

  • Me: remind me to call Linda Craig on Thursday at 11 am at her home number.
  • Siri : Here is your reminder, shall I create it ?
  • Me : confirm
  • Siri:  OK, I will remind you. (Siri adds it to my calendar and sends me a message via my iPhone at the time specified. The message is preceded by a tone)

These items will be listed under Reminders.

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Use Your iPhone or iPad Running iOS 8 To Make Time Lapse Videos

We’ve all seen cool time lapse pictures in nature shows. You know, where you see the plant grow, open a bud,  turn into a flower, and then die.

Now you can do that with iOS 8, with the obvious qualifier, that you don’t want to leave your iPhone or iPad outside during a plant growth cycle. There are however some fun and serious times when this new feature can be a great asset.

Imagine doing a time lapse movie of a child paining or drawing a picture or setting up an elaborate train set. Or how about your family putting up a Christmas tree. It would be really cool to do one for the creation process of a new product. It is really easy to do.

There are some limitations. You must set your iOS device on a solid surface, free of any vibration or movement with the lens pointed towards whatever you want to record. It works best if your device can be standing upright as opposed to an iPad, slanted because it is balancing on a stand or case.

Select Time Lapse from the options when you are ready to start. Tap on the red record button. The device will then begin dynamically capturing photos at an interval of its choosing. When you’re finished, tap the red button again and enjoy your creation.


Time-lapse videos have a small icon in the lower-left corner of the thumbnail to help you quickly identify them in the Photos app.

I made an example slow motion film which you can view here. All I did was place my iPhone in the front window and record vehicles that went by, but it demonstrates the effect.

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