Some Cool iOS 7 Tips

Siri is greatly enhanced in iOS 7 and there are some fun and interesting things she will help you with.

Find Things

For instance, you can ask her to find the closest gas station, even ask for a specific brand and say something like “Siri, where is the closest Valero gas station?” Make sure you have turned on the location option on your phone, (Select Settings > Privacy > Location Services > Siri. Turn on that option.)

If your settings are correct, Siri will tell you what you need to know.


Query Response

Then, if you need to do so, you can even ask for directions to the location of your choice.

There are even more driving options with the iOS 7 Siri. You can ask “How long until I get to my destination?”, or “When’s my next turn?”

Correct A Miskeyed Calculator Entry

Have you ever miskeyed a number in the Calculator app on your iPhone?  Say I meant to enter 456,789, but I entered 456,788.  With most calculator programs your option for correcting this error is to delete the entry and rekey it.  But, with the Calculator app in iOS 7, you can delete the last numeral you entered by placing your finger on the LED number display and swiping left or right. Then you can key the correct numeral.


Miskeyed Entry


Last Numeral Entered is Erased

Let Siri Read It To You

There are times when Siri will look up things for you, then show you them onscreen. As an example, the locations of the gas stations I mentioned at the beginning.  Rather than trying to read that information, you can ask Siri to read it to you. To make this work, tap the microphone image at the bottom of the screen and say “Read that back to me.”

These tips and hundred’s of others can be found in iPad and iPhone Kung Fu by Keir Thomas.

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Check out the Prodigy Case for iPad Air

There are hundreds of cases offered for the new iPad Air, but I find that I particularly like the Prodigy iPad Air case from ZooGue.

I am always interested in reviewing products from ZooGue because I know they will be both well made and well designed. It seems that each case I see offers some improvement over the previous one. Their new case for the iPad Air lives up to my expectations.


The case weighs only 14-oz, features a sleep/wake function, and corner edge protection. It is a notebook style case in that it covers the entire iPad when not in use. It offers six viewing angles and when placed in the position you want, it is very stable and remains in place. As long as you have it on a stable surface it will not tip over. The case is made from durable polyurethane.


The Fastener

 I expected the case to have adjustable viewing angles and to be sturdy and well made. What pleases me most beyond that is the fastener that keeps the case securely closed when not in use. It is a magnetic closure that snaps in place. The fastener will not come open unless you specifically open it yourself.


The Angles

The Prodigy case for iPad Air has an MSRP of US $59.99.

It is very easy to insert and remove the iPad Air from the case. It is held in place within the case with a fold-over flap that is located at the center fold. The flap is held in place with a velcro fastener. When the case is in a viewing angle that supports typing,  it neither wobbles or tips. All buttons and ports are easily accessible. It is also important to note that the pebbled finish on the case makes it easy to carry. It does not provide good support for vertical viewing.

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Why Won’t My iMessages Show Up On All My Devices?

I started having a strange problem with iMessage. I could get messages on my i-devices, or on my Mac, but not on both of them at once. Since I rely heavily on iMessage this was a problem. I figured out that if a message was sent from a Mac, I received it on my Mac and if sent from an i-device I received it on my i-devices. Since this started around the time iOS 7 was released I figured my problem might rest with iOS 7.

Sure enough, it was an easy fix. You have to tell your i-devices to accept messages.

Start by opening the Settings app on your i-device. Select Messages.




Step 1 

Clicking on Messages takes you to the Messages window.



Step 2

Select Send & Receive and you get this window.



Step 3

Under the heading “You can be reached by message at”, be sure you enter all the email addresses associated with your Mac addresses. For example,, or This should solve your problem.

It solved my problem, hope it does the same for you.

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Easy, Easy Scanning on a Mac

You can use Preview on your Mac to make scanning easy.  I have been stove up in the hospital with a broken hip (note to self – don’t do that any more) and have had the time to put the finishing touches on a video training to show how this is done.  My video is a part of a collection of video’s produced by members of Capital Macintosh Users Group (CapMac) in Austin Tx. You can find the whole lot of them at

For this particular video just click here and you will go straight to it.

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Smart Mailboxes – Do I Want Them?

Smart Mailboxes have one advantage, they help you keep up with, and, find stuff.  I have one acquaintance who has 17,000 messages in her mail box. Most of us are not that obsessive. And, I hope most of us are not counting on Mail to serve as a storage facility for all of our mail. Very bad idea.  I’ll cover that issue in another posting soon.

But back to Smart Mailboxes. Lets say that on average most of us have a few hundred messages saved. Searching for items in that kind of arrangement can be very time consuming. Using Smart Mailboxes saves all that time. You just have to set them up in a manner that meets your needs.

Here are the steps:

  • Open Mail and click Mailbox > New Smart Mailbox
  • A window will open. Give the Smart Mailbox a name in the indicated field.
  • Use the Any Recipient field to narrow down the option
  • Use the Modifier field to the right of Any recipient to modify the options.
  • Click the Add (+) button to the right to add a second filter
  • Repeat the first steps to add a second filter.
  • Every message that fits your criteria will be listed in that new box.

Since I am going to Macworld/iworld 2014 as a journalist I will be getting lots of messages between now and March 27th.

Here is a Smart Mailbox I made for Macworld/iworld 2014.



Check out all the options you have in the “Any Recipient” field.



You also have several options in the “Contains” field.

This Smart Mailbox should meet my needs for the event, but I am also creating Smart Mailboxes for my flight and for my hotel.  I could probably include all that in the first box, but it would be too cluttered for me.  If someone asks me my flight number I don’t want to have to look through all the press requests to find it.

Try Smart Mailboxes and see if they don’t save you a lot of time and aggravation.

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Mail Tips

Tips From The January 25th Special Event.   Mail Tips

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Add Someone To Your Contacts From Mail (iOS 7)

You can add someone directly to your Contacts or mark them as a VIP from your Mail list on your iOS 7 device

I find this tip to be particularly helpful since I have a habit of reading my mail first on my iPad.

This is a one-step process. Tap the person’s name or email address. This box opens and you can choose the option that you need.

addcontactmail Adding Names


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